Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Studio Move In and A Lot of Old Stuff

It's not only warm today with brilliant blue skies, but with a friend, I moved a lot of the materials for 'Second Seating' into a wonderful new and BIG space where I can see everything all at once - and I'll know moment by moment just how 'Second Seating' is shaping up - or not shaping up.

I must remeasure the actual installation space at Irma's and then use masking tape on this studio floor to map out the area I'll need to fill with work.

Just by moving in some tables today, I can see that with dozens, make that hundreds, of folks looking at the installation, I'll need to have fewer 'Second Seating' table simply for traffic flow. That probably means more chandeliers and more montages on the walls and ceiling.

We moved eight small square tables from Irma's storage and put them all together to form the base for 'Banquet' which will become a massive table covered with all that fabulous fabric salvaged from Hurricane Ike and then piled high with vintage china, bowls, sugar cathedrals, flowers, candelabra, fruits, vegetables and lots of tshatshkes from the East End.

Also moved things from my home studio and more stuff that was originally stored in a POD after Queta and I cleaned out the garage last January. Has it been a full year? It has. A full year since we emptied that garage and packed so many 'things' away for this exhibition or for the girls or for giving away. I suspect all 'things' will eventually make their way into 'Second Seating.'

Such a lot of stuff. The hope is that I'll sell most of it during the exhibition. After all, this is all about vintage and recycled stuff from folk's trash, garage sales, resale shops, closets. Perhaps it will all turn into a personal purge of quite wonderful belongings.

It's hard for me not to dash into Value Village on Harrisburg - where yesterday I found an old hand painted souvenir tray with a view of Niagara Falls. Surely that tray will make its way onto the 'Banquet' table.

And I've decided to buy odd silver plate spoons and forks because I am beginning to think that they will make a wonderful mobile-like chandelier. Hope the other artists involved in this effort will think so too. Irma and I are off in two weeks to deliver crushed beer cans and white plastic Clorox bottles as inspiration and a first step toward a couple of magnificent lighting fixtures.

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