Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More On Chandeliers and Plates

One thing leads to another. When I went to Lighting Unlimited today to replace a few track light fixtures for my dining room which have been been nonfunctioning for more months than I care to remember, I asked the salesman if they sold parts I could use to build a chandelier or two. The salesman referred me to a shop further west on Richmond and within half an hour I had a much better idea of what is possible for this chandelier that will be overrun with cascading filigreed Clorox bottles. Plus, I'll have a bid for some welding work by tomorrow.

That bit of work sent me on to Southern Imports to price and measure mirrored glass balls. Purchased a ten inch ball and the small motor that goes with it. Also stopped at Texas Art Supply for a few more hole punches. I need to sketch what's in my mind so we can all see a before and after. Hoping to use the white tablecloths that Sonya sent me, rolling them diagonally and running them through the Clorox bottles - yes, we'll cut a hole in the bottom of each bottle. Then we'll hang them all from a central core as if they were part of a May Pole. Need a fan or an air vent near the chandelier so the bottles and fabric waft gently as the mirrored ball in the chandelier's very center covers everything with sparkles.

Thanks to Anne, I am also thinking about plates. I took some unglazed plates to Jesse yesterday that I bought on our trip to Progreso, and now think that we'll cover a whole wall with plates. Hello, garage sales. The wall will have both precious and junk, handmade and made in China.

And I am beginning to put more thought into a chandelier layered with 'Irma things' and garlanded with bias strips of vintage fabrics. Here are some bits and pieces of 'Irma things' that I liked photographing. Can you see some of this stuff on a chandelier?

Wish I had a cache of crystals to use also. And what about the beaded flowers that Mary Garcia fashions so delicately? I need to ask her about those. On it goes. And off to bed.

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Sharon said...

The possibilities are endless. I like the idea of a wall of plates.