Thursday, March 12, 2009

Second Seating On Facebook and Other Good Stuff

If I were truly good at this social networking, I'd have a link right HERE so you could see the new Second Seating Houston presence on Facebook. I'll need to get with Q to solve that one and to create a live link to Facebook on the right hand side of this blog page. Suffice it to say that I've had another busy and, it turns out, a very good day, plus allergies run amok. Two running eyes and two running nostrils required that I carry a roll of soft paper towels under my arm all day. I used most of the roll. Actifed and Claritan failed miserably.

Even with this temporary disability, I managed to make a Second Seating Houston Facebook Group and added photos and a pretty good new description of the project. Already have responses. Rushed off to lunch at Irma's with a packet of Second Seating materials and made a friendly request for $2500 of underwriting. Incredibly, the request was granted without a pause in the conversation. Except that I paused, amazed. Little discussion. Just a yes over tacos and mole enchiladas. I consider myself lucky indeed, especially during these economic times. You just never know until you know.

After lunch, I headed off to the Harrisburg studio where I met Irina and we set about a developing a system for stitching portions of what is an ever growing table cloth made from those fabric samples salvaged from a garage flooded during Hurricane Ike.

We stitched and visited and drank coffee and decided that 'sewing bees' can be scheduled on the screen porch at home and then we can visit with a whole group of friends and make this cloth ever larger. Sort of works in with the spirit of this installation too.

Now, late in the evening, after I've added more Second Seating photos to Facebook and am ready to publish this post, I know very well that all this uploading stuff eats away a terrific amount of time. I could have stitched all evening. Or read a good book. Or figured out how to put a photo image on a ceramic plate. Any number of things. Yet here I am typing away. Where is the right balance?

Good thing about photographing some of the fabrics is that I am liking these fragments as wall pieces and so have a new idea to follow. I liked looked down on the whole 'pinned together' table cloth and imagined it on a wall, well embellished. It could turn into that later on. I suppose it could float from the ceiling too.


Sharon said...

Yes, sewing bees are the perfect idea. I see your writing and posting of pictures as a stream of consciousness, a way to process and preserve all that is happening.

Mary Hansen said...

I agree with Sharon...this blog is part of the creative process. And I LOVE the sewing bee idea...building community and getting things done in a creative way...excellent!