Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clorox Bottles=Chandelier

Clorox is going to love this chandelier. I'm going to love this chandelier too once it's properly assembled and all the kinks are gone, adjusted, dealt with.
What's not to love once it is truly finished and star dust is practically bouncing off of each filigreed Clorox bottle? Then we're all going to love it. I assembled the chandelier for the very first time this afternoon in a warehouse off Fountainview. Tony Meija, the man with the chandelier business, hung the structure on a chain from the ceiling - after Laurie Perez had photographed it at eye level and from low on the floor. Looks much better when it's 'high' and the viewer is 'low.'
Realized when I was tying the ropes of table cloths on to the frame that I was going to need at least four more. That means about a dozen additional filigreed Clorox bottles. So, students, I hope you are willing to filigree twelve more. It's not over yet. I went through the immediate pangs of 'Oh, God this isn't going to work. Looks terrible."

Then I adjusted the bottles, weighting them to one side for the photographs, Tony lifted the whole chandelier up toward the ceiling and all of a sudden with the mirror ball sparkling through the bottles on to the walls and floor, it began to look like something.
We'll have an image or two for press prints and that's what we need right now. Can hardly wait to see what Laurie came up with.

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Mary said...

I love the shadows on the floor - quite magical.