Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Overheard" at Second Seating

What happens on a rainy Monday afternoon when after we closed the big metal door on Second Seating? Well, it's book making time with Blurb.com. Just got our copy of "Overheard at Second Seating" today in the mail. You can take a look at this sensuous little book at Second Seating and you can order your copy for $40.
It's to love!
Here's a bit of the text. Just a bit.
“Heavens,” she sighed, “if I’d known this was to be so elaborate, so exquisite, so reminiscent of my dreams, perhaps I would have chosen the silver shoes or I’d have bared my shoulders or possibly, floated on air itself to reach this table.”

And just another bit of text:
He approached her at the buffet table, just as she lifted a Vietnamese summer roll to her mouth.
It drizzled with peanut sauce.
She held the summer roll suspended in air, “Thank god he arrived before I smiled at him with a noodle between my teeth.”
Then, holding the dripping summer roll, she did indeed smile – and was bewitching.

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