Monday, October 5, 2009

First Monday of the Month

Houston's chapter of The Transition Network gathered as we do the first Monday evening of every month for supper, conversation and this time, a look at Second Seating. TTN is a marvelous network of interesting women who have a lot to say and share about change. Many of us seem to be making good things happen when 'change' bounces into our lives either by retirement, divorce, death, illness, empty nests or new career opportunities. The change list is long. The organization itself is loose and welcoming.
Tonight I had the privilege of talking about what Second Seating means to me. For many of you who've followed the process on this blog for over a year now, it's old news. This installation has afforded me the opportunity to employ all of my skills and talents - to the fullest. I've had to raise the money to make the whole thing happen and find the wherewithal to ask what could possibly be hundreds of people to engage in the process.
'Making' Second Seating a reality has taken over a year and a seven day a week schedule. And you know what? I had fun doing it all. It's been a tremendous exercise in 'focusing'. It's provided me with an air of happiness in knowing that I brought a lifetime of knowledge to bear on this goal of collaborating with others to make an environment that just may enchant, entice, embrace anyone who enters.
The very best news is that every day someone walks into the space and says, "I want to have an event here. Can that happen?"
Yes, we can make that happen. In fact, that's kind of what it's all about. To those of you who've uttered those particular words?
You 'got' the whole idea of Second Seating. You want to be in the space itself. Thank you.

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Sharon said...

Oh, you are lucky women to be part of that group.