Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Second Seating Party Pix: Laurie Perez Does It Again

OK, OK, I know these photos should go in an album on Facebook or flickr or somewhere besides this blog. But I have to show some of the photos that Laurie Perez took the evening that Second Seating opened. She is terrific and so is the crowd. What is not to love about these images?
Here's a contemplative Diane Barber, co-director of Diverse Works.
Jesse Sifuentes hears a few words from TSU colleague Sarah Trotty.MMH expounds to HAA's Jonathon Glus and Alton LaDay.Central Houston's Bob Eury and the Buffalo Bayou Partnership's Anne Olsen meet in front of the Wall of Plates.Central Houston Angie Bertinot is charmed by something Joe Cooper is saying. He tends to say things that are 'charming and funny right on.'
Virginia Hancock, amazing woman who uncovered a very old cemetery, bikes every day and helped with the sewing bees for that very huge patchwork we assembled for the Second Seating Celebration table. Virginia's in conversation with Harris County Flood Control's Raouf Farid.And what is Mercedes Fernandez telling Agnes Welsh Eyster? Something outrageous. Have no doubt. Just look at her face.Meeting and greeting good friends: MMH with Irina Langhans, Marie Mansour, Minnette Boesel from Mayor White's office and Terrylin Neale, executive director of the University of Houston Foundation. Catarina Williams with her grandfather. A really marvelous portrait. Alex bar tending with efficiency and ease. Jeff Brown on his left.Here are the three collaborators who made the Bayou, Bay, Beach tableau come together as envisioned. MMH, Mark Ellis and Gonzo247. Quite a trio.One of my favorite folks in the East End, Bob Townley is a valued supporter of the management district's and even better, I never took my car anywhere but his shop on Harrisburg. George Beatty and his daughter visit with Sait Yavuz, one of our excellent guides on the trip to Turkey last May.Councilmember Sue Lovell with artist, former school board member and liberal Democrat who stands up for all the right stuff Gertrude Barnstone. Two extraordinary Houstonians.The party swells. Terrific. Looks pretty too.MMH and Phyllis Segal. Say no more. She drove a van of five great women out to Marfa in September 2005 to see my installation in that incredible green adobe ballroom at the International Women's Center. What good days they were out there in very west Texas. And all of this while Hurricane Rita was heading for Houston and then not heading for Houston.Neighborhood Centers, Inc.'s Carlos Paz and Natalia Ferreyra, partners and collaborators of Second Seating. Let me count the ways.Houston Dynamo's Oliver Luck and MMH under the Dynamo chandelier which will be auctioned off at the Houston Dynamo Gala at House of Blues on October 27.Lorraine Wulfe, wonderful wife and partner to Ed Wulfe who says one must ask seven times before giving up on something. A very good lesson. Lorraine also tells me that Ed says, "If you don't ask, you don't get." Good advice.And this last photo? I'm loving it. Way to go Laurie.

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