Friday, October 9, 2009

More Photos

Here are some more Laurie Perez photos from the opening reception of Second Seating. Every time I look through the images, I see more and more that need to go into that 'soon to be' Facebook album. How did the days get so busy that I haven't gotten that album on line yet? Here's Modelle Brudner. Second Seating wouldn't have happened without her. The opening reception wouldn't have happened without her. This woman lets nothing slip by. Melissa Welborn is another friend that kept Second Seating on track for months and then on track opening night. And where in heaven's name is a photo of Melissa, she who talked about DNA which led to the epiphany on the freeway when I knew I'd dedicate this exhibition to my mom? I am still searching for a photo of Melissa.
I love this photo of Victor Rodriguez and his family. Victor's parrots are absolutely wonderful and they sway high up toward the ceiling and look especially terrific in the morning when that morning sun from the east back lights them.Here's Yolanda Navarro Black. Wish we had another shot of her looking right at the camera. Just for the record - how long has it been since you've eaten some of her really, really good tacos at Villa Arcos on Navigation? If you've not tasted one lately, get thee to Villa Arcos.

June Woest came with her husband. June made the Clorox chandelier possible. Dozens of her students filegreed all those Clorox bottles last spring semester at Houston Community College Southeast. We spent three weeks on the project and that chandelier has perhaps become the signature of the show.Here's Maria Modelska. And those flowers on the reception table are from my good friend Virginia Avery. Sure wish she were among the folks here.HISD school board member and East Ender Manuel Rodriguez came with his family. He wrote some wonderful copy for the gallery guide about his brother Victor's parrots. Here's Sophya Tabarovskaya and Sally Lehr. And Kathryn McNiel expresses surprise at what? Chris and Judy Berno. I really need to get these pix on Facebook. When?

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Kate said...

There is nothing quite like seeing the show 'in person'. Yesterday was like a dream to finally walk past the tables and marvel at every detail. The best part is that I'll go back tonight for the reception and see things I hadn't seen before; such is the magic of this exhibit.
Congratulations and much admiration to all the artists!