Saturday, May 30, 2009

Among Artists

Second Seating artists are beginning to email one another about what we're all working on. Six artists (and there may be more soon) are contributing to this installation. Here's a bit of our correspondence:

Mary Margaret, and dear friends:
I want to thank you again for inviting me to be part of such a grand group of artist,
I live in Capula, Michoacan. where I have an old adobe home and a studio, everybody is invited to come and visit any time you feel like, MM has already been here, and it is an inspiring town, where everybody makes a living with their creativity and hand work.
my collaboration for Second Seating, is like you mention, some paintings on napkins that have been embroider by old and young women of the town, I am asking them to sing with thread theirs, it is lovely work,
then I am painting plates, that even though I have tried to keep in mind food and delicious mexican treats, from time to time political abuse and injustices get on the plates and on the writings, that I always use around the images.... hope that is ok.
as soon as I can, I will include some pictures of them, you are right MM. they can easily be hang with sewing needles...and will feel more like tapestries, the work of many hands!!!! which is the part I love!!
Thank you again !!!!
and I will be in Houston the first weeks in august,maybe a good tome to all get together for a visit..
un gran abrazo
Mercedes Fernandez

Wonderful to hear from you and know more about what you are making for Second Seating. Come stay at my house in August. We will all be in the throes of production. Aggie Eyster is coming to Houston on June 9 for some days to see the exhibition space. Her table ideas with etched sheet metals are coming together. We'll show more when we have some images. I am going over to TSU next week to see the oversize ceramic coffee cup that Jesse has ready to fire for a center piece on his table. Visited his garage yesterday to discuss progress on the coffee buffet. He's going to paint a mini-mural on the buffet table top and is exploring glues and epoxies for use in affixing all the collected coffee mugs into the sides of the buffet. Has anyone used a particularly good glue for adhering ceramics to wood?
Today, I am working on the chandelier that goes over Banquet Insitu (may not be its final name). Spoke with Sandra Garcia this a.m. at La Victoria Bakery about the many tiered fantasy cake she and Rosie will make for this table. Hope it's four or five feet high. It will be styrofoam so it will be durable for the length of the show.
Ted, do you still own that long painting you made for your parents and which hung in the first management district office? If so, I am thinking of it again for Second Seating, as a scrim overhanging the tables and chandeliers. Have asked Jesse to think of doing a similar painting to hang across the ceiling too. Let me know. Jose, let me hear form you. I was in the Greater East End District offices two days ago and saw again, your wall piece that they use for a 'sun logo.'
It is wonderful and I am dreaming of pieces like that for small chandeliers. Do you have any other pieces from that era that could be converted into light fixtures? I remember on the wall of your Grimble Stamp Co. studio that you had 4 or 5 pieces and I loved them.
All the best to each of you. Work on.

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