Friday, May 15, 2009

Chandelier Inspiration in Instanbul

Of course. There are chandeliers in Istanbul and the great mosques and churches that I want to bring home for Second Seating. Yesterday I fell in love with Hagia Sophia and could have spent hours there, from early morning until evening watching the light, walking among the columns, staring down from the balconies to the great space below. The chandeliers were magical. Some were resting on the floor, temporarily felled by scaffolding and repairs. I liked their darkness and mystery, like giant wreaks in need of reclamation.

Later in the afternoon, we toured the Blue Mosque and once again, I was enchanted by the lighting and the way it was designed and constructed. Ideas for the chandelier man in Houston who is constructing chandeliers for Second Seating. All the lighting is so low - just over our heads. Perhaps ten feet in the air. And then the domes stretch upward, far beyond us.

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Kate said...

Very nice that what you are seeing and living in Istanbul can inspire you as you work on Second Seating. Lighting and chandeliers; how wonderful. I'm thinking of you taking all this in.

We all need to travel more.