Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lots Accomplished

Such a good day yesterday. Let me count the ways.

1. Found another underwriter for Second Seating who is passionate about recycling and cleaning up our bayous.
2. Approached an East End glass company and asked if they'd contribute a heavy glass table top for a sculptural table base that will mirror the steel arches on Post Oak Blvd. They said yes.
3. Drafted a follow-up email to the president of a Texas foundation and yes, she said, my proposal is on their May agenda. I am happy indeed. That ended fundraising for the day and I took myself to the studio.
4. Spent time there in the studio assembling fabrics that need to be cut into bias strips for a hoola-hooped shape chandelier that will also be encrusted with crystals and roses and a few birds. Parrots? Blue birds? I don't yet know. The frame is already made and and hangs from the frame that my garage door rolls up and down on. Hope it doesn't bend it with its weight.
5. Spent more quality time in the studio mixing and matching photos for a series of collages. Helps to work on many at once.
6.Bought some simple plates at Fiesta and some tubes of gilt paint at Texas Art Supply for making patterns on these plates which are intended for the table described above.

Today's not so bad either. Had the good or bad fortune to awake at 4:00 a.m. and so I reviewed the drafts of a generic press release, project overview and calendar listing that Kathy Easterly helped me with a couple of weeks ago and they are about ready to go into packets and on to www.mmhansen.com as soon as Cole and Daniel finish their part of getting a new page ready for uploading.
Laurie and I have scheduled another photo shoot for this Friday at my studio space on Harrisburg so we'll have several press prints for download and for the packets.
After Pilates I slipped into The Guild Shop and found a tray, a coffee pot, rooster salt and pepper shakers and a decorative plate - all for the banquet table. Enough already.
This afternoon I'll work on another application and get into the studio to take another look at yesterday's collages See if they're up to the mark.
The day is hot, almost 90 degrees, but breezy and flowers are blooming.

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