Saturday, May 30, 2009

Outlandish - That Would Be The Hope

Spending time in the studio today - when I'm not sitting in front of this computer - working and reworking on ideas for the new chandelier. It's the same process as when I crochet or make a collage, which is one of mixing and matching, looking, stepping back, returning, remixing, looking, looking. All the time open to those new ideas that jump into the mix like sparkling gifts from where?
A documentary photograph won't do the ideas or process justice, so here are bits and pieces of the whole. They better represent where I am headed. And I do not know yet where that is. But I know when I see something that I like, meaning, it works.


Sharon said...

I enjoy seeing the bits as they take shape.

Kate said...

You are 'on fire' with your creativity. Enjoy.