Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm Back and Off For Turkish Tea

And I am ready to draft new lists, send emails, make calls - and make the art work for this exhibition called Second Seating. It's gotten short shrift for a couple of weeks, except that I noticed chandeliers where ever we travelled. I photographed them and examined how they were constructed. But other than that? I've got to get busy. Media packets were mailed the day I flew to Istanbul and surely they've been received by now and all are thrilled to have a potential story or a calendar listing. That would be the hope here.
It may take another day or two to get back in the groove. I suspect I may have to go to the Turkish store in Houston to buy a Turkish tea pot and a pound or a kilo of Turkish tea. My sister says I write about it as if it were rocket fuel.

And so it was during the trip to four cities in Turkey over nine days. It was served morning, noon and night in little glasses that came with two lump of sugar. After a day or two in Turkey, I couldn't have done without it. Love it. It is rocket fuel. Red Bull beware. Is there a way to incorporate it into Second Seating, except to drink it while installing the exhibition? That should bring the magic out.


Kate said...

The tea is always served in glass cups which I find interesting. It's as if the color is as much the experience as the "rocket fuel" it appears to be.

Sharon said...

I will be on the look-out for Turkish tea in my corner of the world.