Sunday, May 31, 2009

Work on Sunday

This vase may be what happens in the center of the chandelier. Needed red and I remembered this vase. Will ask the chandelier man about putting a cup or ledge in the center to hold the vase. Could then leave it as an 'urn sort of icon' or put fresh flowers in it. If one could drill a hole through the bottom of the vase without breaking it, it might be wonderful to have a center light bulb like the pistil of a flower. The red is good and the shape of vase/urn lends a serious note.
A dear friend saw the chandelier late yesterday afternoon before we went to supper and became tearful. She said it seemed 'so right.' Whatever did it suggest to her? Whatever, I consider her response important. It means that this chandelier is evocative and good. I'll carry on with it and wait impatiently for the parrots to arrive.
The setting of the vase within the chandelier was the first thing I did today. The other thing I did was remix and glue down a photo collage, making it darker and denser than it'd been before. I've got it under heavy books now as the glue dries overnight. Will take a look at another unfinished collage and see where it goes.
Tomorrow is a busy day of phone calls, again lining things up for the exhibition space, for tables to be made by others. My list is long.
I am beginning to feel 'in the zone.' This feeling may save me and I hope I'll continue to stay in that place by just working steadily forward. Doing the next thing and then the next thing after that. Focused and steady.

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