Monday, June 1, 2009

All In A Day's Work

Today, I'm engaged in moving images and objects around.  Of course, I want it to go well right away. Instead, I am going to undo everything and begin again. Tomorrow?  Nothing has fallen into place yet.  Actually I began with the image below. A simple grid of food images that I've liked for months.  It's sort of just been there, waiting to be assembled. But as soon as I pinned it together and said, 'It's a go,' then it was definitely NOT a go.
Took it all apart and I began again with other photos and then paint and then a plate.  Then paint on the plate.  Then added a spoon and seeing the three engraved initials, I knew I had the title of the piece. Should the collage by any stretch of the imagination actually pull itself together. But what is really troubling me about this collage is the machine stitching I ran down the right hand side of the fabric overlay. I am going to take every stitch out. It was meant simply to secure the fabric to the paper, but I can't stand it.

I have such trouble with glues and stitching. Perhaps because I am always trying to attach disparate things - photos on fabric, fabric on photos. Rarely does it all look seamless and I always hope that people over 40 years of age will be looking at my finished work and thus, be unable to focus on the lack of skill in gluing.

So I stopped work and got the camera out. There is always a chance that framing a portion of a piece will be the first step toward taking a good photograph and then perhaps the piece will turn into a photo instead of a collage. Not sure either is process working today.
By the way, I've also made and received numerous calls for Second Seating today, setting up appointments and 'moving the meter' as CK used to say. I'm a bit sleepy right now and could take a quick nap because a 4:00 call. Or head back out to the studio and take another look at the day's work.


Sharon said...

I liked the collage at the top of your post. I also like the photo second from the bottom - of the spoon in the middle of the plate. It's probably the lighting that appeals to me.

Mary said...

It is fun to see the creative process in action. I know that building a collage takes time and lots of fiddling for lack of a better word.