Monday, June 15, 2009

A Day's Mix of Fantasy and Reality

Is this beautiful or what? I brought the banquet chandelier into the dining room and am hand stitching the twisted fabrics together on each of the metal tubes that make up the shape of this piece. Still have more brocade to ruffle and lights to chose. But I am loving the rococo quality of this chandelier. Lush fabrics, will add a plethora of drop crystals and four flame-like bulbs on stamen-like stalks that will surround that Chinese red vase in the very center. More photos to come. Now, just to balance this flight of fancy...

Five City of Houston inspectors visited the Second Seating building early this afternoon as part of the process for obtaining a 90 day occupancy permit. They shook their heads and said we needed the building number over the entrance and a host of other things that I will discover in their report later this week.
Fulfilling the 90 day occupancy permit requirements is another layer of administrative work that must now go into the making of this installation space. I'm thanking heaven I learned about it in time to make the place ready for the public to enter.
Let me now get back to the fun of mixing and matching fabric on a chandelier. And, by the way, I spoke with someone this morning who is now drawing sketches of a flying parrot pinata chandelier for Second Seating. Feral parrots are multiplying in Houston's East End of late and certainly, this installation will include the phenomenon.


Sharon said...

You have plenty of time to get the space ready. Things are really coming together now.

Kate said...

Wish I had a tenth of your creativity. I'm amazed. Flat out, amazed.