Friday, June 26, 2009

Assessment, or Some Days Are Not Wonderful

I've been 'in the zone' for so many weeks now. Working on Second Seating and feeling good about it. By the way, the image above shows some lighting fixtures I designed and had electrified. The bases of these clusters of lamps are oil pipe salvage material. Rusty pipe fittings thrown in the scrap heap and I was lucky enough to have asked to see the metal salvage. Makes great lights that should look terrific both at Second Seating and in someone's loft later on.
Now, back to this quality of being 'in the zone.' Second Seating is having a charmed life on many fronts. Things move forward, go right, folks say yes when asked, the downside has been minimal. If, in some instances, things are not going well, I've chalked it off to the universe and focused on the good stuff that's happening.
Then comes a time when nothing is right. Happened tonight when I threw in the towel on the collages on which I've been working. Tonight they got worse and worse, or my eyes did and I could not see where any of them were going. These collages are substantially torn apart now, stuff sitting on the floor, undone and uninspired. I am going to bed.
This has been one of those evenings when nothing is working and it's easy to begin to believe I am no longer capable of completing a project in a timely way or, more immediately, of assembling another collage worthy of the name. Feels as if the day has been totally taken up with errands, many of them worthy and pertaining to the project at hand, yet eating away the hours when I might have focused on 'the work' itself. Those collages?
At the end of a day such as this, it's simply about letting go, taking a shower and starting again another day.
Not every day can be terrific. And actually, now that early morning is here again and I've had some sleep and furthermore, am making a list for today and tomorrow, things are looking up. The fact is, though, Second Seating is on the home stretch during these hot summer days and I have 'to move the meter' every single day.
Every single day, part of a table or a chandelier or a collage must be completed. Or significant progress must be made on several fronts. The parts of this spawling Second Seating must manifest more shape and form EVERY SINGLE DAY. So what is new about this? I've been in this mode for months now. But now, there is less room to meander. It's sprint time.
Design of the space itself must be clarified, contractors lined up and yes, even paint colors selected as I've thinking about sheet rocking 8 foot high sections of the interior walls and dousing them with wonderful colors. Terracotta, chartreuse, violet blue and mustard. I must call the guy that I think will be doing the carpentry and sheet rock work and get on his schedule for August. I must get back in touch with the lighting guy again and ask his advice. And this weekend, I must talk with Modelle and see how her followup calls to the magazines have been. She's made calls to the magazines that received Second Seating media kits in early May. Which publications will include calendar listings for Second Seating and which of them might actually give the exhibition a paragraph in a column. A story? A miracle.
So, must stop this bit of chronicling Second Seating progress or lack of and get into the day with a cup of black tea and a cup of Chinese herbs.


Kate said...

Great insights into the creative process; there are great days and hopefully many of those and then days to run for cover to let the inspiration re-fuel. Your energy and passion for this project jumps off the page and in person. I loved how you explained to Laura last week what you were doing with Second Seating, including the concept of the name as a metaphor for your life right now.

All I know is, Gramma T would be so proud. I think you are chip of the block of her passion for living and doing and that's grand.

Sharon said...

This seems natural in the course of any project. Fallow time is necessary before the next burst of energy and growth.