Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rolling Buffet Is Coffee Inspired

Went to Jesse Sifuentes's late this afternoon to see what's he painting on that buffet table of his. It's going to be a wonderful piece. Jesse is basically repainting portions taken from a large mural of his. Images from his mural cover the table top and continue down the sides of this rolling buffet. After he paints the entirely piece, he'll add all the coffee mugs we've been collecting. They will fill the four sides and interesting dimension and depth in addition to displaying names of east End companies, organizations and elected officials. Finally, he'll coat the painted wood with polyurethane.
Hope he's finished within a week so we can transport it over to the Harrisburg studio and get Laurie to photograph it and pass on to media. I need to have the work of other artists very soon. It can't be all my stuff that we're promoting. Hope Mercedes will send me one of her paintings on a linen napkin soon so we can photograph that too. Here's what Jesse is doing.Jesse still has to paint the truck bright red and the panel insets a color too. Then he'll add the coffee mugs. He's got coffee cups coming by ship, train and truck. Sure tells the story of coffee transported through the community.


Kate said...

Coffee rocks; that you plan to celebrate coffee in the Second Seating installation give me the high I need to keep moving forward.
Interesting to learn how important the bean is to Houston's East End community. Most do not know this.

Sharon said...

This reminds me of the photographer taking a photo of the photographer taking a photo. The story of coffee is painted on the coffee cart that serves coffee. If I had to pick one beverage for the rest of my life, it would be coffee.