Thursday, July 2, 2009

Patchwork Done, 1000 More Things To Do

I sat down with my lap top this morning and resolved to update the Second Seating inventory of 'things to be done' for each dinner table and chandelier. Found that my original list made less than a month ago did not even include every table or chandelier. Opps! I now have five pages of notes that itemize each task that must be completed before a table or chandelier is ready for installation. I am sure there are things I've forgotten, even though my mind is very focused. Also wrote an email to all the artist participants, giving dates when things should be wrapping up, dates for photographing their work, invitation mailing times, on and on. At least, we will all be in the same loop. Note that these five pages do not include tasks to get the space ready, to catch up with media, to raise more funds, to keep up with correspondence. More lists to make and begin to check off and delegate.
Rewarded myself with a trip to Brothers Tacos for their Thursday special which is my absolute favorite rendition of green chicken enchiladas with Mexican creama and crumbled white cheese, mixed with their green salsa and refried beans and rice. It is a lunch special to savor and remember.
This afternoon I met Catarina over at the district board room where we've been sewing every afternoon this week. Yesterday she began at 11:30 a.m. and about 4:00 in the afternoon, she fell sound asleep right on the table where we sewed.

Every day someone comes to join us. Irina was there yesterday and Evelyn the day before that. We cover so much more ground with two or three sewers.

This afternoon Roanne came by and she put in some of the last stitches on this gigantic piece of patchwork. It is done. Unbelievable. And about time. I first pinned it all together on the floor of the Harrisburg studio on a large paint drop cloth in February. I think. I'd have to reread this blog to know just when. Then Catarina spent her spring break sewing on it. We had several sewing bees in early spring. Virginia came and Pat and Evelyn all came to sew. Irina came several times. I can tell where she sewed. The stitches are so evenly spaced. I remember the big piece of patchwork that Pat sewed. It's fun to see the different styles and ways of doing things.I'll tell you, I like managing the project more than some of the actual work. Those collages I'm assembling? I have always liked assembling them better than gluing the pieces down. I am not a great gluer and truly mess up many times and must cover one thing with another.
I don't mind sewing. And there is plenty of sewing in Second Seating. However, once I've thought something through, like the tablecloth, I'm ready to plan the next thing. It's more fun for me to imagine things, to gather ideas and to work things through in my head, to make the calls that move the project forward .
Actually, Irina and I had a really nice time last weekend sewing ruffles and scrunched silk fabrics on to the metal circles of that new chandelier that now needs drop crystals. We had a good visit that I wouldn't have missed. Perhaps Catarina can sew the crystals on while I write more commentary and text? So it goes, from day to day.


Kate said...

Wow; great photographs.
Nice to really see how everything is progressing and the cooperative efforts of so many with you at the helm.
Love the lunch too; why don't they have food like that in Seattle?? Makes me very hungry.

Sharon said...

The patchwork reminds me of the quilts my great grandmother used to make. Yours is full of color and shape and texture ~ beautiful. It sounds like you have identified your favorite parts of a project like Second Seating. It adds value to any project when we learn something about ourselves.