Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday After Four Hours of Sleep

So what's new? Another busy day that began with an extracurricular early morning meeting at 7:30 a.m. I had plenty of time to get there. I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and never went back to sleep. I am more than tired tonight. But made the most of the day.
After the meeting, Catarina and I went to the management district offices and moved three tables back across the street to my Harrisburg studio in order to reassemble the 'banquet' table which is made with six 36 inch square tables. None of this is fun in the heat. The studio is as breathtakingly hot as the street, but we persevered and got the big drop cloth on over the tables. It's perfect. Touches the floor on all four sides. Then we overlayed the patch work cloth and it's all going to work. I just have to paint patterns on the drop cloth with house paint. That's next.
Catarina also counted all the filigreed Clorox bottles. There are 51 in the Harrisburg studio. Plus more at home that Carmella's made. Imagine that many bottles in one chandelier.

Had a late lunch at Irma's with a friend and then went back to the district to look at all the photos on their server. I'd taken so many over the years and a few days ago, I decided I'd like to use some in the collages I'm working on. I sat there and sorted through hundreds of images. I love doing it. My daughters are sure that should I become dementia-impaired in my very old age, they can give me a box of photographs or perhaps a lap top and I will be fully entertained sorting and arranging images. They think I may even use the same collection day after day. Perhaps. All these thoughts are certainly the result of mom's decline into dementia. The girls are looking at their grandmother and now are looking ahead and fearing the worst for their mom. OK, back to the photos for Second Seating. I found a real trove of images I'd taken and have a CD just chock full to print and use. Nice afternoon.

On the way home, I stopped at Value Village and bought a few more plates. That stack on the lower left cost we $5. 26. Not bad. I have all of these to write on. A batch I finished the other day is now in the oven baking at 300 degrees.
And there are more on the counter waiting to bake. We'll have that wall of plates at Second Seating for sure.
My today is over.

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Kate said...

Have you ever stopped to wonder what our Grandmother Shirley would have to say about all this? I wish she could witness the unfolding of this event because I know that deep in her heart she would really, really get it from the first wisps of ideas all the way through to the finished production. Yes, she would...