Monday, July 13, 2009

More Plates. In Spanish.

A dozen more plates are sitting all over my kitchen counters, newly written on and waiting for tomorrow's slow bake in a 300 degree oven. I wrote on them in an effort to 'move the meter' and get something tangible done today. I get so irritated with myself when I spend most of a day out riding around doing errands. One can always think of another and another place to stop and then, the entire day is gone. So I vowed that after the TTN group tonight, which by the way, was pretty wonderful (more on that shortly on Rockbridge Times), I'd write all over a lunch of plates. In Spanish.
There is going to be a whole walls of plates in Second Seating and each one will have some sort of fragmentary or cryptic message. I'd written on several dozen a week ago when it occurred to me that the whole thing would be a lot more 'East End' if the wall became bilingual. So, after emailing a few friends for phrases and sending them suggestions in English, AND waiting for a day or two, I went to a library discard book that I bought years ago and found what I hope are wonderful and compelling phrases in Spanish.
It's actually becoming fun to write and draw on these plates. Never think of myself as being able to draw much of anything, but I've just plowed into this and used 'soft eyes' when moving those pens around the plate. That means looking slightly out of focus, looking at the whole space and seeing where it 'needs something.' The technique is working reasonably well. I'm not trying to make great art. I am trying to write on enough plates to make an interesting wall so folks will linger to read all the stuff and then perhaps, will just have to own one or two of plates for their kitchen wall.
Other stuff I've done today included a visit to the chandelier shop where I met with the man who will make the feral parrot pinata chandelier and the man who will electrify it. They worked out the details and now have a plan. Should be completed by the first of August.
Also, went back to Wolf Camera and had some more wallet size photos made of East End places and things. And to Art Supply to buy a 30 x 40 inch piece of Arches paper on which to lay all of these small photos in a mosaic of sorts - after I've painted on the paper and messed it up a bit. Hope it looks quilt-like and a jumbly colorful blur, until you get up close and see individual images. Kudos to me. I kept myself out of the Guild Shop today.
As I was driving today, I figured out a way to paint the edges of the drop cloth that will hang under the big patchwork tablecloth. Catarina and I will go tomorrow and move both the drop cloth and the patchwork back on to the floor and I'll take over newspapers and cans of house paint that Trish gave me and just set to work painting random stuff for a border. I have some good colors and painting a border will be a good exercise. We'll see if it will 'hold' together when I'm finished.
Delivered another funder packet this morning. Still have money 'out there.' Fundraising never ceases. Still need to get the bid for the sheetrock and painting of same that I want to do in the exhibition space. Got an email from my electrical contractor today and they've done the work required by the city inspectors. Inspectors will be out tomorrow to see if it's all up to the mark and will post their response on line. Sure hope we don't have to go back for more stuff.
Oh, also went to Art Supply today for advice and counsel. I took it upon myself to glue a reasonably good collage together late last week. My gluing, as usual, leaves a lot to be desired.
I ruined the collage with poor gluing and after consultation tore it apart right there in the store. With some lamentations. I'll have another color print made, affix all the pieces with masking tape and then have them vacuum press it all together. I should know better. Will tape all the collages together and get them over to Art Supply for the final steps. Not happy about the mess I made of a collage that was actually working. Lesson learned. Again.
Must get in contact with one of the artists making a coffee can chandelier and see where he is in the process. So, I guess that's my day. Oh, I had a doctor's appointment this morning too and the news was good and that's a story for Rockbridge Times. Off to bed.
I like to write this posts that are actually 'lists' so I know I've accomplished a few things. Of course, it's never ending. It won't be over until it's over. But I am liking it all. Very little not to like. I mean, this is why I quit my job two years ago. I remind myself of that often. Stay in the present and move the meter. And thank heaven for the flow of good ideas and solutions. Ok, really off to bed now. It's after midnight.


Sharon said...

As hard as it was to start over on the collage, I bet you will be happier with the results the next time. Sometimes it's okay to settle and sometimes something needs to be done until it feels just right. Your phrase "stay in the present and move the meter" will stay with me.

Kate said...

Wow; I agree with Sharon. What caught me most was "stay in the present and move the meter". That's what I want to do; move the dang meter. That's the challenge and you are doing it. Kudos!