Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Artists Meet

Mercedes Fernandez is in town. That wonderful woman who is responsible for the enormous mural adjacent to the original Ninfa's Mexican Restaurant is participating in Second Seating with a series of paintings on table napkins. We'll suspend them against a golden yellow wall or maybe a chartreuse wall. Her embroidery is becoming ever more complex and multidimensional. Her roses beg to be picked right off the painting.
Last evening she and I visited Jesse Sifuentes. He is just about to put the coat of polyurethane on his coffee buffet. That piece just dances. It's filled with life and littered with sly staccato notes.
It good when Second Seating artists get together. Hope that we are all here for the opening and can spend time together. They are each so talented. I need to plan for a late supper somewhere for artists and family.

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