Thursday, July 16, 2009

All Covered Over

This afternoon, Catarina and I lifted the patchwork tablecloth and the painted drop cloth on to the big table and assessed the situation. Not working. Plus both the patchwork and the drop cloth are both just enormous.
We pinned a deep horizontal pleat and then a vertical pleat the length of the drop cloth so it isn't dragging on the floor and then we took it off the table for total repainting.
I'd brought two more cans of house paint I'd considered for my studio a year ago. Wicked shades of chartreuse. I spent almost two hours painting with both colors. The whole thing needs to dry. Looks a bit flat, but maybe some metallic spray paint will work at some point. I did put the patchwork back in the center of the new greens and it looks a whole lot better. So how many times will this thing be repainted? I'm not counting. Just considering colors and patterns.
Catarina sat at a table with two of the three fans faced in her direction. She worked on my laptop, correcting and adding to the invite database. ace was very hot. We drank a lot of water and stayed focused until 5:00 p.m.
Tomorrow is a mixed day. Won't get to the studio. It's time to make a new TO DO list and lay out my time for the next week. I am cancelling my trip to Chicago and the BlogHer conference. Made reservations in January, but a Thursday through Sunday without work on Second Seating makes no sense. I've been twice and hate to miss it, but my brain and heart are with this exhibition. I sure need those four days to 'move the meter.'

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