Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cans of Paint and A Brush or Two

Spent a really nice day in the Harrisburg studio. Hot? Yes, but the intense heat of an unairconditioned space was tolerable because I had three big fans blowing. And besides, I really got into the work, complete with dirty knees. The floor is something over there. That's not newspaper ink.

A couple of days ago, Catarina and I put the completed patchwork tablecloth back on the floor on top of the giant paint cloth. Ready to be painted. I'd come with cans of left over latex house paint from Trish and my own stash. I love house paint because for me, it brings a sort of freedom. There is so much of it and one color will cover another if you don't like the first or second go around.

I have no idea what the drop cloth will look like when it's 'finished.' And I will know when it is finished, only when it's 'finished'. I've been drawing on those plates and so I thought I'd begin on the drop cloth with similar squiggles and shapes and the rest would develop, once I started 'seeing.'
Started with a light Wedgewood sort of blue and then went around the four sides with two shades of coral, one more brownish than the other.
Lots of circles emerged. I guess because the brush made them so easily. Then I added two greens, but neither is strong enough and so the whole thing is beginning to look like a play on one of those 1950s tablecloths printed with checks and strawberries or maps of states visited on vacation.
If a few viewers make that connection, it may be OK. Perhaps, I'll bring in a poison green, add some black or black and white checks. Or more of that heavy brownish red. I won't know until I get after it again.But I am finding it interesting to paint away, watching something emerge and having no idea where it will lead. I will know when it's finished and it's not there yet.

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