Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Post Meltdown - Back in Gear

Today is better. Last weekend was not good. Meltdown is not fun at all. But yesterday, I began the return to an even keel. Even on four hours of sleep (and that's another story), things got done and I wasn't overcome with a nebulous blob of anxiety. I've been lucky for months. That space called 'in the zone' is a very nice place to be. I am working my way back there.
My yesterday went like this. Went to Pilates and discovered that every part of me ached, surely a symptom of the weekend meltdown.
Then at noon, I met Gonzo247 at my studio on Harrisburg and we got the table and four chairs loaded up and taken to his place where he'll turn them all into aerosol art. Then we drove to the chandelier shop and picked up that big chandelier structure that needs to be covered with yards of stretchy stretched out fabric so he can paint all over that too.
I heard from Jose Solis and he's got his studio in order and will give me dimensions and photos of the coffee can chandelier in a week's time. I am really happy about that. Over the weekend, I made a scale drawing of the exhibition space and laid out the dinner tables and chandeliers. It looks good and I need his chandelier dimensions so I know where to hang what he creates to best advantage.
Manuel Rodriguez and his brother were rushing to finish the first of the parrot pinata chandeliers by Tuesday and they put the crepe paper on too soon and the colors ran. They've had to redo the feather covering.
Still trying to contact Laurie Perez about a photo shoot for the parrot and perhaps the oil pipe lights so I can get stuff to Sherri for the postcard invitation design. I have the wording for the invitation and Diverse Works reviewed it. Sure hope I haven't left someone off the list of funders and supporters. I'll be refining that list until it goes to the printer in early August.
Have not heard from Modelle about her calls to the monthly magazines. I'd love to know if some - any at all - will include a Second Seating calendar listing. We sent packets in early May. That process is always tricky.
Catarina was here in the afternoon making database address corrections and then she counted all the plates I've written on so I know how many plate holders to buy. The number is close to 60. And this doesn't count Jesse's plates or the plates of any other of the artists. It'll be quite a 'plate wall.'
In an hour, I'll be at Irma's meeting with someone from a cleaning company to see what's involved in getting the space ready for installation. Like power washing the floor which may not ever have been washed. Then I meet with Marci at 9:30, again at Irma's, to talk about FaceBook and how Second Seating can take better advantage of its page. Then on to get a hair cut, to stop by the Apple Store and see why my Microsoft Office isn't working as it should, then on to Melissa's to look at expense spreadsheets, then to PetCo to buy a cat carrier. Where ever did my wooden cat carrier vanish? Marisol needs overdue annual shots. After that I need to pick up oyster shells again. This is an every-other-day event.
So, upcoming day is upon us. Time to get dressed and gather my papers and phone and sunglasses and pen.

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Sharon said...

I hear more and more about social networking - Facebook and the like. That adds a whole new layer, doesn't it? Good luck with your computer.