Saturday, July 4, 2009

The "Before" Space

Right after this July 4 holiday, an electrical contractor will work in the Second Seating exhibition space, bringing it up to code so that a 90 day occupancy permit will be forthcoming from the city and the show will go on.
Here's a 'before' photo. During the month of July, Irma will clear out the space and fix the leaky roof and I'll have electrical work done and call in a cleaning crew to power wash the concrete floor and whatever else we deem necessary before a few lengths of Sheetrock will be installed here and there and painted terracotta, mustard and chartreuse. All of this before Labor Day, if we adhere to a schedule that allows for enough time in September to live with the dinner tables and chandeliers in the space, moving them a bit here and a bit over there until it's all just right.

Now off to celebrate July 4 and hear the Declaration of Independence read aloud. Not a bad idea to listen to those words at least once every year.

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