Friday, June 12, 2009

Devoted to Second Seating - Every Day

What can I say? Another day devoted to Second Seating. Didn't get in the studio, but did a lot of errands for the show and began the days with a second trip to the city permitting department to make application for a 90 days occupancy permit and set up the first appointment with a city inspector. That would be Monday. We are moving at a brisk pace on this for which I am grateful.

Next, a visit to the chandelier shop where I picked up light fixtures made with oil pipe fittings and sketched out two more chandeliers for milk cartons and aerosol art. Stopped in another place for more special light bulbs for the oil pipe fixtures. Made another trip to pick up five more filigreed Clorox bottles from Carmella Rojas for the Clorox chandelier. She does really wonderful work on these bottles, intricate and sophisticated.
I know there were a few other errands, but they escape me for the moment. Am winding down and may go to a movie tonight. A real movie in a real theater.

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Kate said...

I can feel the energy and the momentum. Very nice.