Friday, June 5, 2009

Jesse's Work

Visited with Jesse Sifuentes over at TSU yesterday and caught up with what he's making for Second Seating. He's painting and glazing dinner plates with images he's used in the murals he painted at Rex Supply. Coffee cups carried on big flat bed trucks and on ships. Coffee cups as repetitive pattern.

In the center of this table he's creating will be a very, very large coffee cup with small coffee cups and a creamer attached to its rim. This coffee cup is ready to be glazed and fired. I have the feeling that someone is going to fall in love with this piece and we'll put a red dot on it immediately.

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Carmella said...

Hi Mary Margaret,
It's Carmella Rojas. Sorry, but I misplaced your number and I have some bottles ready. You can call me at either number and I can meet you when you are avaiable. Thanks C.