Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bayou, Bay, Beach Is Pulling Together

It's way late at night again and I've been hand stitching the stretchy covering of the Bayou, Bay, Beach chandelier that Gonzo247 will paint on in a few days. We've decided that what he paints should look sort of like water and oysters. Nebulous, flowing, rhythmic, soft. I haven't a clue why so many of the parts of Second Seating require hours of sewing time or gluing. And I never factor in the hours that it takes for these tasks. I've been at it all evening.
Well, almost all evening Before it got dark, I took the two blue, velvet covered chairs into the back garden with a can of gold spray paint and went after them. I'm hoping all this tableau works out. They will be set among hundreds of oyster shells with this voluminous fabric covered chandelier hanging from yards of chain.. By the way, I'm appliqueing some of that faded damaged velvet on the chandelier , just to pull the whole thing together. I love these funny chairs.
I'll be up at 5:30 again tomorrow morning so I can get to Fiesta at 6:00 for another bunch of broken down boxes. Then at 8:30 we begin the trek from Spectrum Metals Recycling to the space with 1000 baled pounds of compressed aluminum cans. I certainly hope I can direct the folks well enough to get the thing in the right position for the duration of the show. Once there, it won't move. At all. Unless it falls apart.
And then I realize that I have so much to do in the space itself. Like create a table top for this bale of cans. The time I spent driving in the car today, I used to think about this table top made of corrugated boxes. I wish I could channel Robert Rauschenberg for a day. Baring that, I hope I can give it just enough form, cover it with some brush strokes of paint, create a space on top for rows of Mexican Coke bottles that will be filled with roses. Should this plan all fall apart, I feel sure that another idea will foment. Better be quick.
We didn't get to the wall of plates shelving this evening. That's be tomorrow at 6:00 after I photograph Gonzo247 working again on his aerosol table and chairs. I meet Modelle in the afternoon and we'll review everything about this show to find the spots where we need to focus from now until September 24.
Enough sewing. Off to bed. Sure do like those funky chairs.

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Kate said...

Ever moving forward.
Those chairs are very cool.