Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chandelier Day - Que Bonita!

Today was a wonderful day. Tony Mejia and his crew of three came today to install a dozen chandeliers. And install they did with very tall ladders and a roll of chain that Modelle bought for them. Tony and his crew were very efficient. I'd planned well and the electricians had done their work, so there were no major problems. It was all about moving things a foot to the left or on to the beam on the right.
Mark Ellis is working with me and we make a great team. He has a good eye and we see when things can be better if moved that 'inch to the left' or lower or higher. He tends to like lower and I end to like higher, but we work it out.
Victor Rodriguez arrived mid-afternoon with his parrot pinatas and son Victor. The parrots are fantastic. We were all getting on so well together that Tony and crew even stayed on a bit after they'd finished their work so that Victor could continue using one of their ladders. Everyone there was engaged and I think part of it all is because this is a fun and unusual project. I mean, who has chandeliers like these?
Just after 4:00, Irma's cooks and kitchen staff came in for a look before leaving for the day. They entered so slowly and carefully, as if they were coming into a strange new land. I'd say they were transfixed and I heard, "Que bonita" more than once. The warehouse has always been so grey and filled with odd bits of furniture. We are transforming the place day by day. And it's really fun.

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