Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eight Days From Now

A week from tomorrow, dusk will come and then night and the Second Seating chandeliers will hover over our heads spreading magic and there'll be a bevy of twinkling LED throwies on the walls too. The Second Seating chandeliers are quite simply spelling binding at night. We were there working until nearly 10:00 p.m. and it's soul satisfying just to be near these magic sources of light.
What a day! Mark and Alex and I were busy until early afternoon bringing things into the space. Alex brought the last of the oyster shells. I wish we'd weighed them all or counted the tubs of shells he hosed and trucked down to the space. Mark and I are continually engaged in conversations about that banquet table which is really one big series of tableaus. He's very good at them and you already know, tableaus are my favorite thing. As we worked away at it all today, the table that appeared so crowded at my Harrisburg studio is not so crowded in this new space. There's stuff left, but not particularly wonderful stuff. And we need more. No, I will not go to Value Village or The Guild Shop one more time. I may dig into stuff I packed away a year ago for this occasion. We'll see. The thing is, everything on that particular table is salvaged from a thrift shop, a garage sale, a closet, Hurricane Ike, an oil refinery and the street. And it's beautiful. Perhaps the lesson here is that you can make a celebration out of anything if you're into tableaus and lights.This afternoon, Moises arrived and he and Mark and I worked on in the space until well after 9:00. Moises finished painting the shelves for the Wall of Plates that I'd been working on most of the day. We'll tack on some of Aggie's wonderful metal 'rick-rack' of sorts and get those plates up along with Jose Solis' vertical wall piece. It will really take shape tomorrow. We took a break to eat take-out from Kim Som on Irma's patio and I for one, really wished for very cold beer.
Got home near 10:00 and wrote a draft of a letter for all the underwriters with a special invite to the opening. Modelle will help me get those out tomorrow. I'm having that beer as I write and off load some wonderful photos of Second Seating.The chandeliers are magic at night. We need to have lots of private parties there in October. How I love installation spaces.


Sharon said...

One week from today ~ I have goosebumps thinking about the energy that has driven the project and now fills the space. It's an exciting process to watch.

Kate said...

I'm reveling in the process from a distance; and so glad I'll be there to witness firsthand in October.