Saturday, September 12, 2009

Late Saturday Night - Far Too Late To Be Thinking. Enough Thinking.

Rained all day and may be raining still. Catarina spent the afternoon washing and scrubbing almost 50 Mexican Coke bottles with baking soda, soap and a good strong bottle brush. They'd been sitting outside for almost five years waiting for their moment which has now arrived with Second Seating. You know, or maybe you don't know, how easy it is to 'save' things, believing there will be a good use for them 'some day.'
In this case, those Mexican Coke bottles are being put to good use. They will be filled with roses from Fiesta and will sit on that table base of 1000 pounds of compacted aluminum beer and soda cans. And it'll all look just terrific. See photo of the bales of cans from which I chose 'the one'?
Now, if I can just decide on a the table top to lay across that bale of cans. I retrieved an abandoned sign on Telephone Road that may work. When Aggie gets here on Monday, she and I will have a 'show and tell' and decide what that bale of cans needs. The sign may or may not be a part of it.
Onward. Catarina and finished sewing on the Bayou, Bay, Beach chandelier and now must get it to Gonzo247 to add his aerosol watery oystery stuff on the fabric. This is going to be one sexy chandelier. I think.
Attempted to affix sheets of Plexi to my collages today, but the Plexi was apparently cut with a dull blade which made the edges rough and glittery so I returned them all and will begin anew on Monday with fresh cut sheets.
That means that tomorrow I'll write and print more gallery text, write more little narratives, more facts and figures. I realize I have all this stuff in my head and that my tables are not complete without some of those thoughts, so folks are going to have to plow through lots of words as they look at the tables. That is, if they choose to do so and if they can read in dim light. I'll print large and hope for some readers.
I did pick up the photo montages I had framed at Art Supply. They look good and I hope they sell.
Out this evening to the galleries on Colquit. Wonderful paintings at McMurtrey Gallery by Jean Carruthers Wetta and she is wonderful too. How did I not know about her work? On to Moody Gallery and I fell in love with the enormous paper cut of an elaborate chandelier. Now I am dreaming of big spaces for big art. Decided this evening that I need to clear out my house and do some long term loans of artwork so I can refresh, redo, reflavor the feel of my house.
And how about a 'Third Seating' just before the holidays as a way to sell big old black and white photos from yesteryear like images from China in 1979, from Silicon Stones shown in 1985 and collages from the 2005 show in Marfa and FotoFest 2004 and random series of work.
How long do you keep this stuff around? Here are some collages that came together one afternoon when I was procrastinating about Second Seating and so chose to loosen up a bit with random images.
So, "Third Seating" might be about emptying those shelves and sharing wine and conversation with friends. Where? In that space that is currently readying itself for Second Seating. I've put in walls and lights.
Where did all this flurry come from? This torrent of ideas for showing work that has nothing to do with Second Seating? Well, all these new thoughts were filtered through two glasses of a very nice red wine imbibed at a very lovely party this evening, so who knows what the true pulse of things will be in the big a.m.
It's after midnight and surely time for bed. What was I thinking to post these images of long ago? Keep the focus on the now MMH, and go to bed NOW.


Mary said...

I am liking the Third seating work...

Sharon said...

I remember those Coke bottles. The collage work is stunning.