Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Few More Photos From Opening Night

Lots of folks taking pictures when Second Seating opened on Thursday evening. Here are a few more just downloaded. I think I was introducing Councilmember Sue Lovell here in the first photo.And here's a photo of Diverse Works co-director Diane Barber whom I first met when she came to volunteer at FotoFest in 1990. Thanks to Diverse Works for becoming the first underwriter of Second Seating last January.
And then there's that Wall of Plates, each with a hand written message. You've got to love that strawberry pink!
Here's Phyllis and me. And then a good photo of Mary, Sonya and Queta at the supper we all shared out on the patio after the reception.
Here's a photo of Catarina Williams' grandfather and family.
And Joe Cooper, a man who has supported this project when it was just a five page document. He could see it, or perhaps he simply knew that I could gather the wherewithal and the whomevers to do it.

And here are the guys very late in the evening. That's Gonzo247 on the far left and then Moises, Jeff, Alex, Chad, Martin and Angel. And I couldn't bear not to be in the middle of the photo. It was a wonderful evening.

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Kate said...

So many smiles on all the faces. The smiles tell a story; for those directly involved the smiles are for a job brought through to a triumphant finish and for the witnesses, the smiles of pride and pure joy to take part in the unfolding of another great moment where dreams comes true.

Congratulations to my sister! Well deserved