Monday, September 28, 2009

Second Seating 'Gatherings'

Lots of visitors and the guest book filling up. And hey folks, the work of eight artists is beautiful and all for sale. Every plate, every cup and every chandelier, every painting and table is for sale. Agnes Welsh Eyster's chandeliers are encrusted with metal flowers and colorful strips of aluminum cans. Jose Solis assembled a terrific chandelier with blue wine bottles and wire. I'm loving it all.We've discovered that Second Seating is so beautiful at night that we're planning several evening 'gatherings.' Let me know if you want to be on the email invite list by leaving a comment below. Place is truly gorgeous after dark. Enjoy.
We're loving this 'take' on Post Oak Boulevard's stainless steel arches. We even have bedding plants at the base of each beam. Ode to John Breeding and all those flower beds along the boulevard.Detail of a blue agave from one of Mercedes Fernandez' paintings. You can find yourself falling under the spell of these paintings because they are simply so luscious.A detail from a wall hanging with fabrics damaged by Hurricane Ike flood waters. I love the piece.
Bayou, Bay, Beach table in the late afternoon when the western sun shines through the windows. Just like an underwater fantasy and I love all the shreds of plastic hanging from the bottom of the chandelier on to the table and candelabra. A very good idea, Mark, to hang all those shreds of plastic.
Love the shadows and light that play behind Aggie's Tapestry piece.
And who would love a pot of pinto beans with clay roses. A lady bought one of these roses today. Shall I wrap them in pinto beans when she picks up her rose on November 7 when the show closes?
Aggie's tables are divine. Now is the moment to buy one.

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