Monday, September 14, 2009

Ten Days Out

More good stuff delivered to Second Seating this morning. Aggie Eyster wowed us with her four pedestal tables with etched metal tops.Jesse moved his coffee buffet into the space. It's a wonderful piece with mosaics of dozens of coffee mugs. All of a sudden, the place is beginning to looked filled though there's still more to come. Gonzo247 brings his chandelier in the morning. Table and chairs to follow. Tomorrow, we will hang the chandeliers and then Mark and I can make sense of the table alignments. It's time crunch now and I still have to put Plexi over my collages. Went to four places to find it and that is a story for another day. I've got eight 25 x 25 inch sheets cuts now and perhaps tomorrow night I'll get going with them, drilling holes and affixing to the frames with copper plated weatherstripping nails. They are best looking little nails. This afternoon I met with Modelle and Melissa to make final arrangements for the opening reception. It is such a blessing to have good folks in charge. I think everything will be wonderful under their watchful eyes. Thank you, thank you to you both for lending your talents and skills.
Tonight, Mark came over and we talked about different ways we can display all the text I keep generating. I know, I know, I seem obsessed with text and yes, that text will turn into books at some future moment, but for now we are conjuring up different ways that folks can read and ponder.
In case you're wondering what some of this 'text' says, here are two samples:
"Heaven help us if this mound of shaking gelatin slides off the plate just as we enter the room, our eyes searching for a space on the table where we can set this molded salad. We are quite sure it will be a feast for the eyes and will engender nostalgia among the few."

"Days ago he asked me, "What are all these references to ‘text’?”
I said, “I have a lot to say. It is entirely possible that this exhibition will soon be overlaid with hundreds of labels and hang tags holding tens of thousands of words.”
He was dazed, “Have you considered writing a book? Instead? ” "


Sharon said...

A friend told me most women use many more words in a day than the average man. I see "language" everywhere and can only imagine the wonder of your use of text for Second Seating. There will be time for a book later.

Kate said...

I feel the momentum building.