Friday, August 14, 2009

A Good Friday

There's a new listing for Second Seating on the on-line Houston events calendar. And a really nice half page article on Second Seating in the new issue of Houston Woman Magazine. Thanks, Beverly Denver. So word is starting to get 'out there' about the installation. I send thanks for every bit of publicity this exhibition gets.
Actually, all of today was a very good day. I confirmed one more underwriter for Second Seating and found a source for stage lights and track lights for the installation. All of this by noon. I think I can stop fretting about raising money and just get on with making the work and getting the space ready.
By the way, I'll share all of those underwriters names soon. I thought I'd better wait until the postcard invites are at the printer and the names are in print. They are a very good group of businesses and organizations. Can hardly wait until they see the whole show.
This afternoon, I took this montage and a half dozen partially finished collages to Art Supply on Main Street for a little help in gluing parts together and setting illustration board into my hand painted frames. Catarina went with me and then we returned to load the car with painted plates, light fixtures and the sunflower needlepoint chair to cart over to the Harrisburg studio. My house is so full of Second Seating that I have no table space on which to eat and very little floor space. Too much stuff, everywhere.
On Harrisburg, we spread out all the plates I've painted or written on and baked. They total 75 and so I think I will write on 25 more so we can call the collection a 'Wall of 100 Plates.' I like the sound of that.
Went out to a new wine bar earlier this evening with two friends, very industrial, very nice wines. Feeling the effects of two chilled glasses of a sweet German wine, I then made my way to El Rey for Cuban tacos with green chili sauce. Perfect.
Tomorrow I think I'll work on text for Second Seating. There is a lot of it to be written and printed out and affixed to labels. Should be a good day. Is this blog becoming boring reading because everything seems to be going well? I can't help it. Today was a heck of a good day. And on Tuesday, we begin to clean and prepare the space itself next. Right on schedule so far.
By the way, I need to buy a mattress and a sheet of plywood for that wonderful old bed I bought months ago in Round Top for the screen porch. Perhaps in time for the girls' trip here in September? You can see it's just there absolutely empty. I've used the porch little this summer. I thought at first it was because I'm always working on this show. But I think it's also sunnier and hotter on the porch this summer because all those green shrubbery and so many of the limbs on the trees were tossed and broken during Hurricane Ike. The screen porch faces west and I don't think the sun beat in so late in the day before the hurricane. Maybe in another year or two, I'll have thick green, tall shrubbery again between me and the street?

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