Friday, August 7, 2009

Making Art, Making the Space Ready

Making art, scrubbing oyster shells. Art is spilling out in the form of painted plates and chairs, collages with photos, fabric, paper cuts and odd spoons.
Adding golden words on oyster shells. That would be why I am scrubbing more and more shells. Suddenly I can see a great pile of shells with golden words.

Also seeing, once again, just how much work is ahead. Still fund raising. Wish I could just stop making calls for funds. But in order to feel truly comfortable, I need more dollars.
Now is the moment to get the postcard invite designed, printed and mailed - in three weeks time. How did it come to this?
I see the city inspector on Monday for the final look through of the space. We've done everything the city asked and we should get an 90 day occupancy permit.
Then the space will be cleaned and the floor power washed, we'll put up a few wall/panels here and there and paint them mustard, terracotta and chartreuse. Then I'll call back the electrician to make ready for the chandeliers. Oh, I need to nail down some stage lights and talk what sort of music and sounds will play on a tape in the space.

Oh, and then there is everybody else's art. Victor Rodriguez' parrot chandeliers, Aggie Eyster's etched metal table tops, Jesse Sifunetes' coffee mug mosaic, Gonzo247's aerosol art table and chairs. It's all going to more than anyone anticipated when all is installed.
Hey, I've managed to secure beer and bottled water and munchies for the opening reception. Still working on a source for cases of Chardonnay.

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