Thursday, August 20, 2009

Making a Space

Temporary walls are in for Second Seating and the painters came today. Two of the three colors I chose are OK, the third needs work. Probably a repaint. Forgot to photograph the newly painted walls, but here is the space as it was this morning. It is looking a whole lot different than it did a week ago.
Gonzo274 and Carolyn stopped by at Irma's this a.m. to show Modelle and me how throwies are made with little LED lights, batteries and magnets. I think I'll have Carolyn make a couple hundred for guests to throw around the front door as they enter and then when they leave in the darkness the whole place will be shot with little lights. Want to use some on the banquet table too in vases and compotes and perhaps on the chandelier with the feathered birds.
Got the estimate today for electrical work and I am dying over it. That will all happen in about ten days. Then we'll begin to bring in the work itself. On Monday, Mark and I will lay out the table spaces using masking tape. And shortly, I'll decide on another color for that mustard yellow wall.
Postcard invitation went to the printer today. ever onward.

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Sharon said...

The right paint color can make all the difference.