Monday, August 17, 2009

Work To Be Done and Plenty of Time

It's Monday and it's mid August. That means there is still 1/2 of this month in which to work on Second Seating. And there are several weeks in September before the opening party. I look at time the way you look at a cup half full instead of half empty because it allows me to stay 'in the zone' and get the work done.
Here's the day in photos. The early morning sun, by the way, was gorgeous and I couldn't resist photographing the coralita vine that has taken over the door leading out to my studio. I've not cut it back even though it's choking a climbing rose. It just too glorious and honey bees are buzzing all over it. Kitchen counters and table are overwhelmed with Second Seating 'stuff' even after Catarina and I lugged a car load of 'stuff' to the Harrisburg studio late last week. Obviously, we didn't make a dent.
Made another montage of wallet size images of the East End. I'm liking these new pieces.
There is more 'air' in and around them than the square collages I made with fabrics from Hurricane Ike. Maybe there is a metaphor there somewhere?
Am embellishing the Ike fabric wall hangings and am trying to figure out how to affix lots of little painted labels with images and text. Needs to be unselfconscious in the doing. Haven't made that happen yet.
At the moment, listening to CDs for music that I'd like to hear in Second Seating. That is my excuse for taking the time to write this post. I am also listening to music and making decisions about what I am hearing. Also working on a series of taped 'sounds' with Houston Institute For Culture that will 'be' in the Second Seating space: street traffic, trains, water sounds, snippets of music from cars, those sorts of East End sounds.
I've heard from Aggie Eyster and the etched metal table tops for those four pedestal tables are almost finished. Can hardly wait for photos. Here's a sample of her work and she says the new designs imprinted on these table tops are quite different. We have a surprise awaiting us. Also have images of Mercedes Fernandez paintings and embroidery.

And I got a confirmation this a.m. from Admiral Glass who'll supply the polished glass table top for that shiny metal arch table base that the Offenhauser Company is making. The table will reference those shiny metal arches that they fabricated years ago for Uptown and Post Oak Blvd. Message being, 'We make stuff here in Houston's East End and our reach is far and wide. Think roasted coffee, Clorox, Bud Light and oil pipes, for starters.'
And today, friends are working on Second Seating's behalf in many, many good ways. Thanks to all. In the end, everything is about collaboration. It's the way things get done and in my mind, that is the beauty of it.
Well, the music's over so I'll head back into the studio.

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