Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here's the Space

The space the Second Seating will call home is taking shape. The temporary walls are painted, though I know I'll change one color. The chartreuse isn't dark or dramatic enough, but the other two colors will be just fine.
Mark and I mapped out the tables and there is masking tape all over the floor where they'll be placed. Need to begin moving the big stuff in. Like the bale of crushed, compacted soda and beer cans that weighs almost a ton. Need to make arrangements for that. Jesse's table, Ted's table, my banquet buffet table. Probably before the electrician come next Tuesday as we can see where the lights need to shine.
On Thursday, I meet with the contractor/carpenter to make a decorative shelving for the Wall of 100 Plates. It'll be on that terra cotta wall and that swag of white ruffles will be gone. I got that huge bit of rufflework from the trash at the Guild Shop on Dunlavy months ago. We'll see where it ends up.
When we have finished free form designing the shelving for the plates, I'll bring my cans of house paint and see what happens next. The wall itself will be the piece of work.

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