Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Little Progress

Went into the studio this afternoon to work on two different projects. I cut some of that Hurricane Ike damaged velvet to patch on to one of two chairs that will sit on either side of the Bayou, Bay, Beach table. Actually it will rest among the thousands of oyster shells that are now drying and smelling up the area behind my studio.
Love the fabric because the dye ran when it was soaked with flood waters so it fades from light grey blue to dusty mauve. I'm finding it's perfect for covering the current herringbone upholstery on these chairs.
Also began to work on a montage of dozens of wallet sized East End images. Got out a big sheet of black and white checked paper that I've had forever. I think I'll use it for this montage. I've arranged the photos six or eight times so far, trying to find something compelling. I may add another paper like that intense Chinese red wrapping paper. Or may layer the images. I'll mix and match until it looks like something.Haven't gotten to painting labels for text yet. Maybe this evening? And though I made a ruffle for the fabric chandelier, I didn't pin and sew it in place. What is holding me up on that thing? Really needs to leave my dining room table.
Must say though, that one cup of Chinese black tea sure turned this day into one that's been productive. Probably should take a break, go to bed and watch Netflix tonight.

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