Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sleepless: Making Use of the Extra Awake Hours

I've been 'up' since 1:30 a.m. Where is the sleep? However, I've been working away on Second Seating, getting more letters and emails out and text written for the Bayou, Bay, Beach table. Thanks to the Galveston Bay Estuary Program for lots of facts and figures that I am taking and writing commentary for.
This morning at 8:30 I'll be down at the space to talk to the painter who'll make the walls that were installed yesterday more than colorful. They'll be painted mustard, terracotta and chartreuse. Can hardly wait to see the transformation. The place was power washed two days ago and then came the day of assembling temporary walls. Here's the 'after' power washing and 'before' painted walls.

I've decided on a new way to display 'Wall of 100 Plates.' I am going to have the contractor build shallow shelves that look like those in African homes that are made of clay and painted with pattern. Will be using lumber instead of clay and I am thinking that this 20 foot wall will itself become an integral part of the piece.

Modelle comes at 10:00 a.m. and we'll meet with Carolyn who will tell us about 'throwies.' I've read about those wonderful little LED lights that graffiti artists throw on buildings at night. Thought for awhile that they'd be wonderful on the Second Seating ceiling blinking away the night of the opening. We'll talk about the cost and feasibility today.
Then I meet with Melissa for a green chicken enchilada lunch special from Brothers Tacos (the best green chicken enchiladas I've ever tasted) and we'll go over the 'books' Then perhaps a nap? That would be so fine by about 2:00 this afternoon.


Kate said...

Wow; harnessing the energy of the night. Hope the green enchiladas stir up a wave of sleepiness so that you can rest up for the next wave.

Sharon said...

This space is incredible.